Budohall, The Sun is Setting

articles blog Jul 31, 2023

On October 1st 2023 we will be sun-setting Budohall and transitioning our online training resources with greater focus toward supporting our full-time students of the Yasuragi Dojo.

On January 6th, 2007 Budohall launched on a configuration of gigantic desktop computers, rigged to two separate cameras recording on tape and streaming through a VERY expensive solution all at the same time. Knowing what I know now, I'm not really sure how Pete and I made that happen ... but we did.

Compared to today’s capabilities, it was completely nuts what we were attempting, but it worked. 

That night, a little sliver of history was made as the first, fully interactive martial arts training resource online was launched. Students chimed into that class from Minneapolis, Boston and Mexico.

My life changed that night as well, and a new journey began. 

The concept of Budohall was to offer a non-affiliated resource for people wishing to experience our art, to have access to a growing repository of lessons to support their own training and if they chose to go further and learn from Manaka Sensei’s Kobudo, they would have the opportunity to do so. 

And it worked.

For 17 years ago we have been streaming our classes to students all over the world and it’s been an honor to have been able to help fellow martial artists without the cloak of politics or bias. Just good training coupled with a unified commitment to preserving our arts for future generations.

As my next step on this path widens before me, it involves working more closely with individual students and less with the large audience.

Indeed, I will continue to share what I’ve learned from Sensei (so far!) on our Dojo YouTube channel or join us for conversation in our Facebook Jissen Kobudo Group. Here I wish to continue the spirit of offering everything I can without asking for anything in return other than doing my small part to carry forward the spirit of Jissen Kobudo. 

For those who desire to step further toward using Jissen Kobudo as a path toward self mastery, you are welcome as a student of our Dojo or to attend any of the programs we will be offering in the coming years.


As this journey that began more than 16 years ago closes, I am happy to know that I’ve done my part in sharing this art with over 3,200 online martial artists from all parts of the world.

313 have remained, consistently signing in and using this resource as a tool to help keep them going.

9 training groups were established and ...

6 yudansha are still on their journey.

1 has become a Jinenkan Dojo Cho, a personal student of Unsui Sensei.

I consider my work complete, Sensei original request completed. 

That may seem like an enormous amount of work, it has been.

Thank you for supporting Budohall for all these years. Now, onto our next path in this wonderful journey.



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