Reflection 2: Learning to Learn, from Arrogant Fighter to Humbled Student

Episode 4: Reflections on the Path: Unlocking the Secrets of Learning and Self-Improvement in Budo

In this episode of Shugyo, Adam reflects on his journey in the Dojo and shares pivotal moments from his training in Japanese martial arts. He recounts how his initial arrogance and lack of understanding of the true purpose of training led to a transformative lesson on "learning how to learn."

Through his experiences with various teachers and the guidance of Manaka Sensei, he discovered the foundational pillars of Jissen Kobudo and how they became the compass for his learning journey. His mindset shifted from "shut up and train" to "shut up and learn," leading to a deeper understanding of martial arts techniques, healing practices, and energy work.

Key Points:

  1. The importance of humility and openness in the learning process
  2. Discovering the foundational pillars of Kobudo for self-correction and improvement
  3. The transformative shift from focusing on training to focusing on learning
  4. Encouragement to listeners to reflect on their own learning journey and discover new ways to become better students in their martial arts practice.

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