Meet the leadership of our Dojo, teachers and fellow students who are committed to guiding and challenging along your path in the traditional Japanese martial arts.


Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan Kanchō, Noda-shi, Japan

Jinenkan Honbu Dojo, JapanRetired Lieutenant Colonel Fumio Manaka, (Warrior name “Unsui”) has over 50 years of experience in the Japanese arts of kobudo. He began his training at the age of 14 as the first student of Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei after winning a regional Judo championship. 

Unsui Sensei holds certificates of mastery (menkyo kaiden) in several martial schools.

In 1996, Unsui Sensei founded the Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan with a goal of preserving the traditions taught to him by his teacher while making certain each of his students had a sincere focus to the fundamental principles of movement and practice.

He continues to teach students who travel from all around the world to study under him at the Jinenkan Honbu Dojo, located in his home town of Noda, Japan.

Adam Mitchell, 6th Dan

Jinenkan Dojo Cho, New York

Personal student of Unsui Sensei and head of the Jinenkan Shinken Dojo in New York, Adam Mitchell has dedicated his life to the study and preservation of traditional Japanese martial arts, achieving the rank of Rokkudan (6th Degree Black Belt).

As well, in 2010 during a special training in Japan, he received Menkyo in five systems of classical weaponry from Unsui Sensei.

Adam has been a professional teacher for over twenty years, not only teaching thousands of students at his Dojo, but also regularly training students all over the world in workshops and seminars.  

Peter Milano, 4th Dan

Jinenkan Dojo Cho, New York

Peter Milano is one of the longest running students of the Yasuragi Dojo, starting his martial arts training at the Dojo over 15 years ago. During this time, Peter has traveled extensively to Japan for training and has joined Unsui Sensei in Europe and around the US attending seminar events.

In 2012 Peter received Chi no Menkyo in Jinen Ryū Tantojutsu and Jinen Ryu Iaijutsu. Peter currently owns a restaurant in Mahopac, New York and continues his regular training at the Yasuragi Dojo as well as travel abroad to train with Unsui Sensei.

Brian Vaughan, 3rd Dan

Jinenkan Dojo Cho, New York

A personal student of Unsui Sensei, Brian Vaughan has spent over a decade in the study of Jissen Kobudo under Adam Mitchell at the Jinenkan Shinken Dojo. As well, he holds yudansha ranking in Aikido. 

Along with his commitment to the study of Kobudo, Mr. Vaughan is an avid craftsman, hunter and gardener. From his inspiration found in the Jinenkan, he built a magnificent Japanese garden at his home. His work can be viewed by clicking here.

Not only an accomplished martial artist, Mr. Vaughan is also a United States Marine and Vietnam Veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart. Those privileged to train with him will learn fukutsu no seishin, to never give up.

Eric Carricato, 3rd Dan

Jinenkan Dojo Cho, New York

Member of the Dojo and student of Jissen Kobudo since 1998, Eric has been a committed leader to the training community for more than twenty years. Along with his exceptional skill and leadership in martial arts, Eric is a fitness specialist, inspiring students at the Dojo to push their physical ability forward and to set new goals. 

Eric is a Sergeant for the New York City Police Department, dedicated family man and Dad to an aspiring young black belt. 



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Literally translated, Jinenkan means "Hall of Nature" and represents Unsui Sensei's feeling of his martial arts being like the natural flow of the elements. Just as the wind can pass around any obstacle and leave no trace, or alternately can destroy anything in its path.


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