Discovering Ikigai-kan, A Life Worth Living, with Nicholas Kemp

Epsiode 7: Ikigai and unraveling it's profound meaning as the essence of life’s purpose.

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Nicholas Kemp, author of Ikigai-kan, Feel A Life Worth Living, emerges as a beacon guiding Western audiences to comprehend and integrate the essence of ikigai into their lives for a profound sense of fulfillment. He is also the host of the Ikigai Tribe ( , a small community of educators, psychologists, coaches, and trainers who serve their personal communities using the ikigai concept.

The dialogue unfolds with the many perspectives on ikigai, while underlining the intrinsic importance of having a clear sense of purpose and propelling forward in life. It contrasts Western notions of success with leveraging creativity and imagination to nurture one’s purpose, thus painting a richer tapestry of fulfillment.

Furthermore, the exploration delves into the concept of “Ibasho,” a psychological sanctuary fostering positive relationships, accentuating the invaluable role of social connections and the delicate equilibrium between solitude and community.

Acceptance, Zen philosophy, and resilience in the face of life’s trials emerge as pivotal themes, positioning ikigai as a transformative understanding towards life contentment through intentional choices and pursuits.

Nick's initiatives of organizing Ikigai retreats in Japan resonate with the ethos of experiential learning and conscious tourism, aligning seamlessly with our work here on the Shugyo podcast. It's been an inspirational and valuable conversation.

Enjoy this compelling episode with Nicholas Kemp, that not only sheds light on the essence of ikigai but also offers a roadmap to unlocking purpose and fulfillment in life.

• Ikigai is the feeling that life is worth living and can be found in various sources, such as relationships, goals, and small joys.
• When one loses their Ikigai, it is often a collapse of their value system, and finding a new Ikigai requires reevaluating one's values.
• Ikigai is not just about achieving goals but about the process of using one's life in a meaningful and purposeful way.
• Tools and methods, such as journaling and group discussions, can help individuals discover their Ikigai and live a more fulfilling life.
• Ikigai is a personal and subjective experience, and each individual may experience it differently.
• The concept of Kokorozashi, or the direction of one's heart and spirit, is important in finding and pursuing one's Ikigai. Understanding the meaning of kanji characters can provide insights into the essence of concepts like ikigai.
• Cohorts and community play a crucial role in finding one's purpose and creating a sense of belonging.
• Intuition and serendipity can lead to unexpected opportunities and pathways in life.
• Finding ibasho, a place where one can be themselves and feel comfortable, can be achieved through solitude and connection with others.
• Acceptance and understanding the true nature of things (arugamama) allow for adaptation and flow in life.
• Tapping into one's values, exploring interests, and allowing oneself to play are important steps in finding a sense of purpose.
• Ikigai retreats in Japan offer experiential learning opportunities for individuals seeking to explore their ikigai.


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