Finding The Dao in Violence, with Jack Schaefer

May 15, 2024

Episode 11: Not Ignoring the Dao in the Traditional Martial Arts

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Today we sit down with Taoist Priest, Chinese Medicine practitioner and martial artist, Dr. Jack Schaefer as we delve into the heart of “dao” and it's ignored or misunderstood ... yet transformative power within the context of traditional martial arts. 

Join us as we navigate the challenges encountered by Western seekers delving into the profound teachings of Daoism, it's purpose within both modern and classical martial arts, while unraveling ethical precepts, cultural intricacies, and the art of compassionate living. We will lead to an understanding that martial arts are not merely a means of self-improvement but can also be studied as a conduit for serving others, where non-duality and discipline intertwine to sculpt individuals of resilience and empathy.


  • The Essence of “Dao” in Martial Arts: Central to the discussion is the concept of “Dao / Do” in martial arts, highlighting the vital role of personal commitment and dedication in mastering these disciplines. This ethos underlines the transformative power of martial arts beyond physical prowess.

  • Unlocking Self-Mastery with “Dao”: Insights from Dr. Jack Schaefer shed light on the significance of “dao” in traditional arts, particularly for Western audiences seeking self-mastery and spiritual growth. The narrative emphasizes the transformative potential of martial arts for fostering self-discipline and inner evolution.

  • Navigating Challenges in Daoism and the Violence of Martial Arts: We explore the complexities faced by Western practitioners studying Chinese Daoism, emphasizing ethical principles, cultural nuances, and compassionate living as integral components of the martial arts path.

  • The Path of Self-Improvement and Service: Martial arts are portrayed as a transformative avenue for personal growth and service to others, emphasizing non-duality, discipline, and the delicate balance between competitiveness and holistic well-being.

  • Parting Clouds’ Commitment to Authentic Daoism: A dedication to imparting genuine Daoist teachings to Western audiences through structured programs, online studies, and immersive retreats focused on philosophy, meditation, and historical insights.


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I am a life long practitioner of asian martial and has spent decades in the study and practice of Chinese medicine and Daoism. I am an ordained Daoist priest and co-founder of Parting Clouds Daoist Education. We are a recognized Daoist temple organization located in the US with students in the US, Canada, France, England, Russia, Mexico, Australia, and Scotland. We aim to bring authentic Daoist teachings to the western word.