Jutte Jutsu, the poetic justice of ten hands

Jan 23, 2024
Yasuragi Dojo, Jutte Jutsu

Alexander Hamilton, a real American bad-ass leading a group of soldier at night to attack camped out British troops using only fixed bayonets. He was 19. The guy went on to defend New York in it's greatest campaigns, eventually being Washington's right hand man, playing an important role in our Constitution and eventually losing his life at 47 in a gun duel. He was an orphan as a kid, no real education and born to a nobody family in the West Indies. A bit of a hero to me.  Hamilton, among many things, is famous for stating 'The first duty of society is justice.'

The Juttejutsu in our Kobudo follows a simple rule as taught by Unsui.

Kan Zen Cho Aku 勧善懲悪. Literally, ‘poetic justice’.

Sensei will always follow with explaining that in order to understand Jutte Jutsu, you must understand that it's purpose is "Rewarding good and punishing evil". If you have ever stood in a class with a jutte in-hand, and Manaka Sensei teaching, you've heard this. But what does this mean?

The spirit of the tool must come to life and be appreciated within the training. Otherwise (my opinion), your training becomes just another bundle of movements lacking meaning and purpose. Just movements. Meaningless, other than for some youtube video or to impress an unseasoned onlooker.

To me, the tool comes alive when it's given the job it's meant to have. And you, it's handler, must understand it's reason to be. It has meaning and contributes to something much larger than the moment it's used.

It needs a bad guy (akunin), with intent on harming the balance and thus you need a damn good uke to train this stuff. Otherwise (and most commonly) it's role play.

It took me a while to get this.

The spirit in the training pursues the role of justice within battle and the outcomes that follow. It is not a mere baton with a hook, it's a symbol of continuity and strength, and thus you, it's handler, are rewarded with peace. Your ability to let go, lessen tension, relax in the face of horror is what is studied.

Evil is punished by it's own first weakness, offending the balance of peace.

Your first duty is to put it in it's place.