Kyo To, Look at The Hands

Apr 11, 2024

Kyo To: Currently the kata we are training in the Dojo, Takagi Yoshin Ryu Shoden Omote Gata.

Look at the hands.

One of the foundational points Unsui Sensei teaches in this form is a complete lack of grip. Do not grip. So, a lot of people say 'don't use force' but very, very rarely do you get to see a form executed at full speed WITHOUT force ...

Easier said than done. In this training (UK, 2005) you see Sensei teaching Kyo To expressing 'do not grip' and went on to explain why this is so important for this form. It is momentum, timing and accuracy and you'll end up launching them into a crushing pin - with no force.



Photos, Adam Mitchell 2005.