Nanpa Aruki: Or How To Hack Walking To Be More Efficient

Aug 07, 2017

Written by koichi

Hate to break it to you normal-walker, but the way you’re walking right now is inefficient, ridiculous, and just plain wrong. You know how you’re overly moving your hips and twisting your body like a pretzel, causing yourself to exert more energy than necessary?

What about the perpetual falling forward that you’re doing while you walk? Wait, you didn’t know about those things?

Sorry to assume like that, I just thought your mom taught you how to walk. You didn’t teach yourself, did you?

Allow me to be a gent and show you the proper way to walk, then. Sure, you’ll be turning heads and look like a weirdo, but you can laugh in their face when their kimono is all rumpled up and yours isn’t.

This style of walking/running is known as Namba Aruki (not to be confused with Nanpa Aruki, that would be gross), and it feels great. …Read the article