On Observing the Student

blog Mar 16, 2022

Observing a student. You have to know each one in a way they do not know themselves. This is what separates a teacher from a charlatan, it’s the willingness to learn about the individual student.

It begins with seeing what type of learner they are. Then, pushing to uncover their limitations and finally, what their hidden strengths are. Done correctly, each student discovers a new definition of who they truly are.

It takes time. Few stay committed. That’s natural.

The student, even their own mothers, are unable to see what you see in their potential. That’s your unique role; to make their strengths more acute, their weakness more meaningless.

What matters most is how you are able to fully realize their path, before they do.

One day, you will happily acknowledge you’re no better than the most committed beginner. In fact, most of your students can smoke you. To charlatans, that’s embarrassing, a disgrace! To the timeless masters, it’s hallmark to a ‘job well done’.

All because of your willingness to observe, you’re able to keep going and push the art forward, preserved through your students.

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