On Kia

Mar 03, 2012

I found this little gem in some old notes today dating back to from May, 2001. It is on Kiai, 気合.

“Today we trained the final techniques of the Naginatajutsu and there was a strong emphasis on the use of specific kiai. The use of this audible supplement to your attack or counter is not merely just for expression’s sake. Correct kiai is meant to confuse and create brief moments of hesitation or confusion from the opponent(s). It is meant to build confidence and demonstrate intent. Breathe.

Kiai Gohō is written about in the Kukishin Ryū Naginatajutsu densho. Among the 5, the sounds of ‘EI’ and ‘TOH’ were explained to me as follows,”

‘It is the same with the two forces of the universe, in-yō. Without it, technique will be dead, like a zombie. It may be visible and moving, but it will be pale with no life or spirit‘.”