Reflection 1: Keep Going

Mar 22, 2024

Episode 2. Unveiling the True Meaning of "Keep Going" in the Path of Budo Mastery

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In this episode of Shugyo, host Adam Mitchell delves deep into the concept of "keep going" in the context of martial arts training. He shares his experiences with intensive training programs, the importance of mastering the fundamentals, and the need for perseverance and dedication in martial arts practice.

With insightful reflections and a call to embrace the demanding nature of the path to self-mastery, Adam provides a unique perspective on the traditional martial arts journey.

Tune in to explore the profound meaning behind the phrase "keep going" and gain valuable insights that will inspire and support your own martial arts practice.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the latest episode "Keep Going"

1. Embrace the Intensity: The discussion centered on the gashaku, a compressed period of intense training lasting about 6 weeks, focusing on a specific area. Through this, students achieve around 12,000 repetitions of their fundamentals, illustrating the importance of form and accuracy over mere repetition.

2. Push Your Limits: Mitchell emphasizes the necessity of exhaustion and breakdown in training. He underlines the importance of "keep going" as more than just a salutation, but a command to understand the demands of the art and the expectations that come with it.

3. Building Your Legacy: For those inspired to keep going on the martial arts path, it involves chiseling, pounding, and forging the body, mind, and spirit, creating a legacy unique to each practitioner. This mindset fuels the pursuit of wholeness and longevity on the martial arts journey.

The Shugyo podcast, brought to you by Yasuragi Dojo, a traditional Japanese martial arts school, offers valuable insights and inspiration for anyone on the path of martial arts. If you're dedicated to the journey of self-mastery, this podcast is definitely worth a listen!